Stefano Ricci

Saturday to Thursday
10am - 10pm
3pm - 11pm

Stefano Ricci’s collections are designed for the discerning, worldly gentlemen who have everything and never have to compromise on quality. A philosophy of excellence is asserted throughout every stitch of clothing, from silk to cashmere to the finest hand-gathered Egyptian cotton. To maintain this high standard, each shirt, suit, tie and belt is designed by the company’s founder and the entire manufacturing process is retained within the firm in Florence, Italy.In-house weavers create complicated silk patterns for material for every item. In one hour only enough fabric for two ties is produced.

Stefano Ricci’s exceptionally light and comfortable silk and cotton men’s shirts are made by hand with their own unique and dazzling colour combinations and are specially embellished with piping applications, crystal appliqués, unique stitching, and octagonal buttons. This laborious process creates clothing with a distinctive look and feel that cannot be replicated. Although opulent to the eye and touch, they maintain the relaxed air that is so pertinent to classic clothing, making them as suited to the boardroom as to the yacht or nightclub.