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Initiated in 2017, FLEURDELIS was inspired by the icon that lilies have represented in time, as well as through other women who carried the virtues of the lily flower: Elegance and savviness with a touch of delicacy. FDL is firmly envisioned and guided towards celebrating glamour, femininity, elegance, luxury and extravagance – a haute couture purpose, focused on the branch of complements and leather goods. We consider ourselves not only designers, but visionaries, as we blend and play on the jewelry field at the same time: All of our handbags carry exquisite, detailed adornments made with precious gems and metals, which at times can be worn in various ways.

Our designs are framed in the United Arab Emirates, specially costumed to entice its surrounding convention to fit the regional virtuosity of women in its unique style. Followed by a constant, careful artisanship in Spain, where at this stage pieces are crafted to fit softly on the gems, providing you with a myriad of charm and an excellence in materials that lasts through time. Our concept and visual imagery derives from the exuberant lily flower, which is the root of our name.