Kiton, which was founded in 1968 in Naples, Italy,is considered one of the most exclusive fashion houses in the world to those in the know. Employing antique Neapolitan tailoring techniques, the company is more like a big artisan workroom rather than an industrial factory churning out machine-produced clothes. The individual skills of 45 Neapolitan tailors, using only natural fabrics, are needed to create just one Kiton suit, a laborious task that takes more than 25 painstaking hours to complete. 

The result is an elegant ensemble that is supple enough to mold comfortably to the wearer’s body yet lies so lightly that it seems to be poured on. Due to this meticulous artisan working process, the annual production of suits is limited to only a few thousand pieces per year. Completing and complementing the suits are 7-fold handmade ties and freshly-coloured shirts that create a look that is at once unmistakably European and unquestionably elegant.

For further information pls visit www.kiton.it